Celebrating the Artwork of Noblesville Students

This year we’re bringing student artwork to you virtually, which allows for more students to shine – online!

This exhibit, traditionally displayed in Nickel Plate Arts’s Judge Stone House, showcases the artistic talents of Noblesville students from Kindergarten through 5th grade. Art teachers have taken photos of all of students’ artwork so that everyone has an opportunity to be part of this annual tradition, even if we can’t be together in person. The following elementary schools were able to participate this year: Promise Road, Hinkle Creek, White River, Noble Crossing, Hazel Dell, Stony Creek, and North.

We encourage student artists to find your school below and scroll to find your art! Be sure to check out those of your fellow classmates as well as artistic friends at other schools. Celebrate everyone’s talents in this virtual show of student art!

Promise Road Elementary

Darlene Patterson, art teacher

The Artists at Promise Road Elementary have been creating a variety of Masterpiece images. While learning about and using the Elements and Principles of Art. We hope you enjoy the end results and find something that makes you smile.

Artwork from the following students:
Grade K: Brylee W., Ryan Z., Chris B-P., Kai O.

Grade 1: Avery G., Kinley R., Sadie A.

Grade 2: Aurora G., Charlotte We., Emma M., Ethan P., Anveshika D., Charlotte Wh., Henry A., Isabella R., Jacob M., Kendall K., Preston E.

Grade 3: Mary B.

Grade 4: Carolanne B., James J., Sawyer C., Austin M., Blake S., Ella S., Maddie H.

Grade 5: Anastasia H., Bear R., Bem L., Cale L., Gade B., Gianna P., Kiana T., Sam D-M., Annalise H., Karter K., Neveah R., Palmer H.

Promise Road Elementary

Hinkle Creek Elementary

Hinkle Creek Elementary

Lori Ritchie, art teacher

Artwork from the following students: 
Grade K: Adrian I., Elliot L., Graham R., Korinne S., Ruby N., Savannah H.

Grade 1: Camilla J., Cody M., Kolyns M., Makalyn D., Olivia G.

Grade 2: Ana W., Ellie P., Harper K., Penny S., Reese M., Rhett V.

Grade 3: Alex D., Dylan M., Ella D., Kenna A., Mia W.

Grade 4: Aidan S., Emily R., Leah B., Myra S., Reagan V.

Grade 5: Kate H., Lily H., Mackie S., Maddie M., Pierson H., Rylan B., Zoey W.

White River Elementary

Nancy Henry, art teacher

Landscape Snippet Neighborhood: Erik, Mays, Jensen, William

Students loved the book Snippets and created their own landscape of a neighborhood where all the houses were different. We practiced cutting, gluing, and creating.

Scarecrow: Abigail, Paislee, Anson, Elliott, Finley, Liberty, Graham, Eleanor, Tate
Students did a guided drawing of a scarecrow inspired by the book The Scarecrows Hat. They used paint sticks to draw the plaid on the scarecrows shirt, and had fun adding” hay.”

Kindergarten Owls: Alexandra, Clara, Charleigh, Hannah, Logan, Promyce, Sidney, Silvie, Christian, Elexa, Brielle, Jace, Gio, Scarlet, Reagan
Students explored owls and created drawings of them. We colored in with markers and then painted water over them with Q-tips. So fun!

Birds: Jade, Emelia, Hutch, Sam, Cloei
Students explored drawing patterns with oil pastel and painting over for watercolor resist! They did a great job painting on the floor!

White River Elementary

GRADE 1 (continued):
Dancing Cows: Kendall, Carter, Sona, Maverick, Henley, Audrey, Hunter, Peyton, Eli, Jack
Students drew dancing cows and had so much fun coloring in with markers then magically painting over them with water.

Mr. Scribbles Landscape: Alilah, Lila, Madison, Nate, Zela
Students explored landscape-foreground and background and a horizon line, inspired by the book Mr. Scribbles!

Symmetrical Fishbowl: Aiden, Andrew, Sarah, David, Christopher, Dylan, Ella, Maddison, Bailey, Anastasia
Students created a symmetrical fishbowl and painted water with texture bubbles, then added their own fish!

Abstract Portrait: Zoey, Vivian, Nehemiah, June, Maddox, Elaina, Grace, Wyatt, Emma, Mykelti, Greer
Students explored drawing a portrait and filling it with pattern for an abstract view!

Pop Art World: Channing, Mahek, Jacob, Corrie, Thomas, Karissa, Kinley, Luis, Leilani
Students explored Pop Art and Artist Roy Lichtenstein. They created pop art words in his style and made them 3-dimensional.

White River Elementary

GRADE 4 (continued): 
Portraits that tell a Story with Symbols: Riley, Rose, Addyson, Ashton, Barbara, Delaney
Students explored contemporary artist Laolu Senbango from Nigeria who creates artwork on people, clothing, and objects. He uses lines as symbols to tell a story about what he is creating. Students explored pattern and line as symbols and “told their stories” with line and pattern on a picture of themselves. Students really expressed incredible stories with their symbols.

Graphic Design Logo: Chuck, Ethan, Cassius, Joey, Jocelyn, Michael, Samantha, Sophia, Brooke, Kalee, Rylan
Artists created their own logo.

Architecture Design: Chloe, Sawyer, Trinity, Azalea, Molly, Alaina, Olivia, Gianna
Students explored the different styles of houses and designed one inspired by the Victorian architecture of homes in our area.

Contour Drawing of a Backpack: Kai, Cali, Elise, Nora, Maia, Mia, Yousif, Rafif, Lillian, Baeli, Juan, Harper
Students explored contour drawing and blind contour drawing. They really looked at their backpack and created a contour drawing, and then painted or colored it in.

Noble Crossing Elementary

Sherry Wielgos, art teacher

Owls: Briar A., Henley S.
Sock Monkey Toy: Hudson H., Riley R.
Polar Bears: Miles R., Slone N.
Penguins: Eloise C., Tatum G., Leland B.

Fish: Anna G., Camdyn F., Sonte N.
Polar Bears: Camden S., Kerrigan
Cow: Logan
Still Life: Annika

Abstract Paintings: Benjamin H., William R., Jocelyn B.
Owls: Alyssa G., Jada T., Mason V.

Pumpkins: Carter B., Nora D., Reagan L.
Robots: Connor A., Brecken M., Conner R., Ava R, Camp H.

Symmetrical Designs: Christopher T., Benson O., Alaina D., Julia L.
Abstract Paintings: Tate B., Cole K., Grace R., Caroline E.
Cubist Dogs: Thomas Q., Evan J., Annika P.
Watercolor: Annaliese D., Alaina D., Ayla J., Madison N.

Abstract Drawing: Mayleah V., Sofia U., Mia C.
Owls: Grant V., Sophie K., Konstance N., Elsie H., Jace L.
Cubist Dogs: Ethan S., Jacob R., Sommerly D., Norah D., Cameron B., Braelinn F.

Hazel Dell Elementary

Hazel DellElementary

Jason Moon, art teacher

Artwork from the following students: 

Grade 3: Carter

Grade 4: Ava, CJ, Claire, Honor, Keaton, Olivia, Stephanie, Royal, Reese

Grade 5: Aderyn, Charlotte, Katie, Kennady, Macy, Matthew, Zaiah, Xander

Stony Creek Elementary

Danielle Bearden, art teacher

Artwork from the following students:
Grade K: Hannah G., Asher N., Savannah H.

Grade 1: Morgan A., Emery B., Presley M., Quinn T., Jacob T., Sam W.

Grade 2: Blakely H., Emily N., Eva G., Hadley B., Isabella A., Luna J.

Grade 3: Anna J., Gracelyn W., June Y., Ryker W. Taylor S.

Grade 4: Cole B., Ella W., Gigi S., Vera D.

Grade 5: Amelia V., Audrey K., Delia O., Ellie O., Joanna H., Joston G., Judah W., Kaedence G., Lila Z., Lily S., Lucy S., Noah W., Norah M., Quinn H.

Stony Creek Elementary

North Elementary

Hazel DellElementary

Lisa Fritz, art teacher

Artwork from the following students: 

Grade K: Piper – “Britto’s Flower”, Londyn – “Thiebaud’s Cupcake”

Grade 1: Caris – “Matisse Piece”

Grade 2: Zada – “I Am a Rainbow”, Addison – “Boom Fish”

Grade 3: Kamdon – “Jasper’s Numbers”

Grade 4: Phoenix – “Clown”

Grade 5: Olivia – “Dean Russo Portrait”, Brandon – “Hands”