NOW PRESENTING: “A Compilation of Works by Bobbi K. Samples” – December Showcase

NOW PRESENTING: “A Compilation of Works by Bobbi K. Samples” – December Showcase

Bobbi K. Samples is an artist known for bright colors and large-scale paintings, with fan favorites including her florals and, surprisingly, roosters. Bobbi started painting in 2004, as a new outlet for her creativity, urged by good friend and professional artist, Maggie Shively.

Bobbi K. Samples

Bobbi has always been a creator – she started out as a dancer and ran a dance studio while working in local schools and civic centers, teaching a variety of forms of dance. Her world was filled with ballet, tap and jazz, and coaching rhythmic gymnastics with performers who competed nationally. Even though her current creative flow is with a large brush and her husband’s putty knife, she is still connected to dance by serving as president of the board of trustees for Dance Kaleidoscope. 

To create, Bobbi has to be inspired – she learned this lesson back when she was choreographing. “I would sleep with the music, and by the time I woke up in the morning, I had an idea. You can’t force it.”  She may go weeks without painting, but when inspiration hits – she may paint twice in a day. She loves focusing on images from nature, especially her husband’s photography, which she has used as inspiration for several works. After a few work sessions, if a painting just doesn’t feel right, she paints over it. Later she may find herself inspired by the texture – then she’ll cover the entire painting with a new base color and start all over again.

Rooster Challenge

This showcase will be a “Compilation of Works,” most of which are “new works created in the last 6 months, my Covid art,” Bobbi muses. She’s trying out some new techniques this time around and printing some of her images on metal. Typically a floral artist with bold in your face color and large paintings, Bobbi will have smaller works as well – so that everyone can find something they like. She hopes that her showcase makes others feel good. Her works just might make you say, “Oh my gosh, look at those colors!”

Meet Bobbi K.Samples at the December Virtual First Friday event on December 4, 2020 between 7pm-8:30pm on our Facebook page. Her works can be seen at the Stephenson House from 6pm-9pm on December 4th or during our regular business hours. Social distancing and face masks are required.

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