Nickel Plate Arts Presents: “The Collected Works of Sydney McQuade Otto” at Meyer Najem

Nickel Plate Arts Presents: “The Collected Works of Sydney McQuade Otto” at Meyer Najem

Sydney McQuade Otto is an artist who is inspired by stone or weathered walls; the beauty of imperfection; a gesture, the flow and artistry of haute couture fashion. She creates works that some may describe as haunting and ethereal. Sydney’s relationship with art began with a gift of oil paints at the age of seven. A largely-self taught artist, she was introduced to abstract art through her uncle, Justin Snow, a noted abstract painter. His paintings hung on the walls of her childhood home and he continues to be an important influence in Sydney’s painterly world.

Sydney McQuade Otto

She is constantly creating whether she’s working with clay toward a bronze sculpture or in her Indianapolis home studio. She can be found painting in acrylics, laying the ground and texture for her next abstract painting or working on her stone and skirted linen pieces, her furry friends, Larry and Moe, by her side.

Sydney’s showcase, “The Collected Works of Sydney McQuade Otto” is just that – an exhibition of her mysterious and evocative abstract expressionist works. Although her paintings follow no particular conventions, her work can be recognized by the soft melding of color. Texture, the use of light, and paintings that emanate emotion are all elements threaded throughout her body of work.

“I create because I have no conscious choice. It is who I am. I am at my best when surrounded by my playthings doing what I love,” Sydney says. “The one purchase I would make, if I were able, would be to buy time. I never have enough.”

Sydney’s works will be on display on the 2nd Floor of the Meyer Najem building from January through March with a reception scheduled for Saturday, March 20th. Her works can also be seen on our website.

Les Reinhardt