Mark Rouse

Mark Rouse

Mark Rouse

Mark calls his style and medium “Digital Watercolor”.  It is a mixed media that includes the randomness and abstraction of watercolor washes with the control of digital creation.  The style is a result of work done as Mark recovered from blindness. “My work reflects the things I love.  History, Music, Cars, Places and my Faith.  My current favorite project is a series of 8 images with the theme “Hands”, but my favorites are prone to change, as the process is as important to me as the product.”

In college Mark “conducted” a large painting using musicians to interpret music into a visual representation of the music.  “In college, we used recorded music, but I think it would be cool to work with live musicians, possibly jazz musicians that could interact musically with the art makers.”

Nickel Plate has allowed Mark to meet other artists, who in turn, have made him aware of opportunities to grow his ability and his audience. “I’m so happy to be able to create after my bout with blindness in 2015. Mostly it has given me more time to create because I work from home and don’t commute.  I also discovered it’s possible to have an international audience while working from central Indiana.  I’ve sold prints to clients as far away Australia, Chili and the UK.”

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