Call for Artists: Keep Noblesville Beautiful Public Art Project

Call for Artists: Keep Noblesville Beautiful Public Art Project

Keep Noblesville Beautiful seeks artists to design and create 1 or all 7 figures for a sculpture celebrating the Midland Trace Trail through a bicycle inspired art project. Above is a rough sketch of the idea and the location.


Interested artists must contact Darren Peterson before March 04 2019 for full access to building site, walk thru dates and details for bicycle attachments. Artists who are interested in participating must respond to Darren Peterson at

Final Artwork must be delivered no later than June 01, 2019 to the site


To be eligible to submit for this all-ages opportunity, artists must:

  • Be able to meet all of the project requirements (see below)
  • Have a strong, demonstrable connection to Noblesville or Hamilton County: artists must either live here, work here, or have grown up here.
  • Be willing to meet all contractual obligations and adhere to a strict budget and timeline


Create a figure or figures that can support the bicycle fence (supplied by KNB) and meet mounting requirements for footings. Provide a short description of the piece and the inspiration behind it and/or the symbolism within it which may be displayed with the piece.

This piece of art must be delivered no later than noon on June 01 2019 to give our team sufficient time to adjust for connections to bicycles and footings.

The piece(s) must be between 5’ and 7’ tall and all media are welcome but must be weather resistant of materials that are designed to last a minimum of 10 years in all weather conditions.

All artwork must be approved by March 15 2019 in order to qualify for the commission.

The piece must include sturdy, safe, and easy-to-use fittings for 1) bicycle attachment, 2) footing mounting and 3) sponsorship labels. Details for all three connections provided by KNB.

The pieces will become the property of KNB and upon completion of the work, all work shall become the property of the Noblesville Parks Foundation.


This project will carry a commission fee of $1,500 per figure and 3” square text area for each artist. This fee is to cover all of the artists’ compensation and anticipated expenses, including (but not limited to) design fees and labor. Payment will be made in one installment upon delivery of artwork to KNB.

Any qualified artists whose artwork is not approved by March 15 2019 may not receive the commission.


KNB has submitted this callout directly to qualified artists and has distributed the call-out generally throughout the community. Artwork will be approved by KNB board. Qualified artists must send a brief description and sketch of the idea for the figures and at least 2 photographs of other similar work submitted to KNB representative:

Darren Peterson
c/o Peterson Architecture, 298 S 10th Street, Suite 500, Noblesville, IN 46060
Digital submissions to
by 3 p.m. on March 04 2019.

The sketches must accurately depict the work’s appearance and also illustrate the connections or other fixtures included for installation the piece. Approval will be based on the artwork’s aesthetics, quality of execution, ability to be displayed easily, and connection to Art theme (sketch below). KNB reserves the right to reject any artwork for any reason. We encourage artists to submit their sketches and photographs early so that any problems can be addressed before the 3 p.m. on March 04 2019 deadline.

Note: While this is the intended selection process, in the event of an insufficient number of qualified applicants, KNB reserves the right to invite an artist to propose, or to directly select an artist and also reserves the right to cancel the opportunity entirely at any point and for any reason.


Any artist who currently lives or works or who grew up in Hamilton County is eligible for this opportunity.

KNB staff will consider the following when reviewing artwork for approval:

Aesthetics: Is the artwork pleasing and/or engaging and meets the overall idea ?

Quality of Workmanship: Has the artwork been executed professionally or does the portfolio of work have a quality of craftsmanship ?

Does it appear to meet the attachment criteria(s) and is it easily attached by volunteers

Does the description of the artwork adequately explain the artists’ inspiration and connection to the theme?

Project Requirements: Has the artist met all requirements described in this call-out?


This timeline represents the project. Changes may be necessary as the project progresses

Collect Bikes
Call to Artists
Permits and Permission Construction of Figures (off site) Begin Field Work and footings Ribbon Cutting

Fall 2018 February 2019 March 2019 April 2019 June-July 2019 August 2019


Artists must submit the following information to

Darren Peterson c/o Peterson Architecture, 298 S 10th Street, Suite 500, Noblesville, IN 46060 Digital submissions to
by 3 p.m. on March 04 2019.

(please note: submission materials will not be returned to applicants).

1. Applicant information: Please include the following information to Darren: a. Artist name

b. Mailing address, including city, state and zipcode c. Phone number:
d. Email address:
e. Website (if applicable)

2. Connection to Hamilton County: Please provide 1-2 sentences about your personal connection to the community

3. Sketch of figures, including connections and photos of similar work to gage quality of past work.


The photographs and description described above must be emailed to

Darren Peterson c/o Peterson Architecture, 298 S 10th Street, Suite 500, Noblesville, IN 46060 Digital submissions to
by 3 p.m. on March 04 2019.


Darren Peterson, Board Member Keep Noblesville Beautiful

Idea Sketch provided by KNB
Artist supplied figures are representative of the idea and relationship to the total piece and not intended to be the final artist idea.
Footings, footing attachment, bicycle fence and mounting to figures by KNB

Casey Kenley