Artist Opportunity: New Zine Seeks Contributors

Artist Opportunity: New Zine Seeks Contributors

A group of local creatives have joined forces to publish a new all-inclusive, light-hearted zine about Fishers and surrounding areas. “The Locale,” created by a skeleton crew of local folks who take pride in their community, will connect residents of the Nickel Plate Region with their local arts scene. Short for ‘magazine,’ zines are a product of the “do-it-yourself” culture that allows both individuals and groups to self-publish content on a variety of topics and in a variety of formats, usually in small circulation. “The Locale” seeks writers, photographers, and illustrators to contribute a wide variety of family-friendly zine content that explores the many facets of our local creative scene. From one member of the organizing group:

“There’s a lot of talk about local-ness, and it can come across as fake. To me, being local just means liking the place where you are. Our aim is to give everyone the ‘heads up’ on the cool art things going on around town, have some laughs, and give everyone something to talk about besides the weather.”

Want to contribute your work? Submissions should be family-friendly, and related to the Nickel Plate community. Formats can include (but are not limited to) stories on local events or art shows, profiles on local artists, comics, columns of any kind, and original art. All Indiana artists are welcome to submit work for consideration, but preference will be given to those residing in the Nickel Plate Region (Fishers, Noblesville, Cicero, Arcadia, and Atlanta).

Email your submission or idea to Brad Barclay:

Casey Kenley