Seeking a Marketing Manager

Seeking a Marketing Manager

Nickel Plate Arts seeks an energetic, community-minded marketing and communications professional to join our team!

We need an expert who can help us excel at virtual engagement, spread the word about all of the amazing things we and our partners do and keep our social media, website, and media contacts up to date.

We have an opportunity to offer this role as a part-time OR a full-time position.  The part-time position would include 25 hours a week focused solely on Nickel Plate Arts marketing and communications.  The full-time position is available thanks to a partnership with the Noblesville Chamber of Commerce: this salaried position would include 25 hours per week dedicated to Nickel Plate Arts marketing, and 15 hours per week focused on marketing and communications for the Noblesville Chamber of Commerce, and medical and retirement benefits.

To view a position description for the 25-hour-per-week version of the job, please click this link: Marketing Coordinator Scope of Services.

For more information about the full-time position, please contact

Interested partied can email their resume and a cover letter by e.o.d March 7th to Executive Director Aili McGill at

Ailithir McGill