Murder Mystery Dinner Express 2023

Murder Mystery Dinner Express 2023


701 Cicero Rd., Noblesville, IN 46060

From 4:00 PM

At Nickel Plate Express

701 Cicero Rd., Noblesville, IN 46060

$79 - $159

Emily Reynolds /

Go back to the future and your 1984 Prom for dinner, live music and a murder mystery to solve! What a totally tubular time!

All aboard for a memorable train journey that’s sure to keep you guessing! Be chill and ride the rails with, like, all the cool girls, and probably some dweebs not as tubular as you. Riding through Indiana’s scenic countryside, enjoy live music in Atlanta with the Stompers. Yes – The Stompers! Like, that band is so gnarly. Pick up your prom souvenir glass and keep it full on the train and at dinner in Atlanta. Keep your eye open for any those valley girls and posers, I have heard they are planning something uncool to the max. Prom Guests will exit the train for a buffet served 3-course dinner and your gnarly 80’s music. Will there be a murder during dinner? If so, who did it? Guests will mingle and ask questions as the sleuth their way through finding out what happened. After dinner, guests will board the train and head back towards Hobbs Station while continuing to solve the evenings mystery. What a wicked good time!

The Nickel Plate Express is partnering with your favorite local actors and producers to bring you this murderous adventure where you will get to ride the rails listening to the musical styles of the Stompers, enjoy dinner, and maybe even help solve a crime.

Prepare to immerse yourself in the intrigue as you participate in our second murder mystery. Enjoy a different kind of evening when you join our mystery train ride with friends or family! It’s a dinner you won’t forget.

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