Breathwork with Autumn

Breathwork with Autumn


312 W. Main Street, Carmel, IN 46032

At Aura Self & Soul Care

312 W. Main Street, Carmel, IN 46032

$45 /

Experience the healing practice that is taking the wellness world by storm.

Tuesday, November 15th | 6:30-7:45pm at Aura Studio

What is breathwork?
Breathwork is a therapy and natural healing modality for relieving stress and anxiety, healing from past emotional wounding, and fully accessing the joy of being alive.

During and after a session, people report experiences of deep rest, renewed passion for life, release of suppressed emotions or memories, alternate states of consciousness, increased confidence and happiness, new perspectives or revelations, and physical relief from pain and illness. Any or all of these experiences and more may take place.

How does it work?
Through different patterns of breathing, you will be guided to a style of breath that causes the body to increase oxygen levels which decreases the activity of your “thinking brain.” Simultaneously, the activity of your primal, instinctual brain increases, giving you get access to your subconscious mind and fully immersing you in the experience.

Who is it for?
Breathwork is for anyone who wants to heal emotional, mental, or physical ailments and/or increase quality of life through stress relief, connection to self and spirit, and accessing higher states of joy and euphoria. It is NOT for anyone who has any of the contraindications below:

• Cardiovascular disease
• History of heart attack
• High blood pressure
• Angina
• Asthma
• Glaucoma
• Retinal detachment
• Family history of aneurysms
• Epilepsy or other seizure disorders
• Severe mental illness
• Recent injury, trauma, or surgery
• Pregnancy

What will the experience be like?
You will be laying down for most of the session. We will begin with a bit of education around how to do the breath and what your experience may be like. There will be music that fills the room and helps you immerse into your journey. Autumn will be supporting you with gentle physical touch (optional) and verbal encouragement and guidance throughout the practice. We will conclude with journaling and optional sharing to integrate.

What to bring?
The body usually gets hot or very cold during these experiences. Come prepared.
• Yoga mat or pad to lay on
• Thin pillow (cushion for your head, but keeps your airway open)
• Warm, comfortable (not tight) layers of clothes and socks
• Blanket
• Eye pillow/mask
• Water bottle
• Journal and pen

ABOUT Autumn

Autumn is a certified yoga teacher, licensed educator, and trauma-informed love, relationship, & communication coach. She transformed her own life and relationships through a spiritual, self-love pilgrimage extending from Bali to Costa Rica. It is now her soul’s mission to guide women on their path to passionate love, inner peace, and authentic, vibrant living.

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