Stephenson Showcase: Sheldon Shalley’s “Totems and Nature’s Magic”

Stephenson Showcase: Sheldon Shalley’s “Totems and Nature’s Magic”

Apr01 - 302022
107 S. 8th Street in Noblesville

From 12pm-5pm Wed-Fri, 10am-5pm Saturdays

At Stephenson House at Nickel Plate Arts

107 S. 8th Street in Noblesville


Nickel Plate Arts /

Artist Sheldon Shalley takes us on a shamanic journey in his latest exhibit, ‘Totems and Nature’s Magic.” Shalley explains totem animals and their importance:

“Totems symbolize the belief in a spiritual connection to nature. A totem is a natural object, usually an animal but may be a plant or any object in nature that we feel a strong connection to. According to tradition, we don’t choose our totem animal. Your totem animal chooses you. A totem animal is often a guide and teacher on your spiritual journey. Native beliefs further explain that a totem animal is one that is with you for lifetime. Totems can act as spiritual guides throughout our lives and provide a significant amount of self-discovery They can be avenues of self-awareness and self-expression, even unveiling the meaning of our true self.

“As you view my paintings in this exhibit, Totems and Nature’s Magic, I invite you to let them speak to you from the imagination of your own soul. When viewed this way, art opens portals between the worlds, transcending ordinary time and space and can be avenues for connecting with your totem or nature’s magic.”

Sheldon Shalley’s exhibit, “Totems and Nature’s Magic” is on exhibit in the Stephenson House on the Nickel Plate Arts campus from April 1 through 30. The gallery is free and open to the public Wednesday-Friday 12pm to 5pm and Saturday from 10am-5pm. Meet Sheldon in-person at his reception during First Friday on April 1 from 6pm-9pm at Nickel Plate Arts.

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