The ability to embrace numbers, revel in tax regulations, and master marketing often is what allows professional artists to succeed financially.

Nickel Plate Arts teams up with the Noblesville Chamber of Commerce, the Bohlsen Group, and other local leaders to offer The Art of Business and the Business of Art: workshops taught by local business leaders designed to help artists build their business savvy. Each workshop will cover a new topic, including tax preparation, building a marketing plan, tips on social media and how to prep for an art fair.  

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Potential Rock Stars Welcome

Noblesville artist Christine Merchent shares her Art of Business experience.

“The Art of Business class gives me things I’m not getting anywhere else. I’m busy just like everyone else — two children, husband, home, non-art business, art business and other art organizations. So why do I make time on a weeknight to attend Art of Business classes?

To meet the other talented individuals in my area who are expressing themselves through art. To hear the common threads among all artists. To learn from the mistakes of my colleagues. To get ideas from artists in other mediums. To be lifted up and appreciated by my peers. To get advice from experts outside the art world. To find out what is going on outside my head.

The life of an artist can be a lonely one. As artists we face much of our jobs alone. We face the canvas, notebook, computer, potter’s wheel, blowtorch, and camera often by ourselves. The siren’s call of art takes us into lonely waters where we spend hours unaware of the passage of time because we are following our muse.

But when I go to the Art of Business meetings, I have a common bond and I learn not just from the speaker but also from my new friend who is asking questions. He practices a very different art than I do, but from a business perspective, we have many of the same issues. I enjoy listening to the speakers and the participants. I leave feeling more informed and connected.

Nickel Plate Arts and these classes are focused on art in general and how we face day-to-day business issues that all artists have in common. I would recommend it to any artist who isn’t already a rock star. If you are a rock star, how about you come teach a class?”

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