Anita Holloway

Anita Holloway is a colorful, soulful artist. Her work is centered around watercolor paintings of nature and her life experiences such as those share with her daughter. She uses anything from watercolor pencils to gouache to achieve her finalized images.

Anita is currently working on a large segmented painting made up of individual paintings to create one larger image.

Her dream project as an artist would be to develop pieces that would be used for public spaces or private spaces. She believes art should be felt and enjoyed by all as a source of togetherness and therapy.

Anita, a new member to Nickel Plate Arts, first heard of Nickel Plate from a fellow artist, Melissa Bruhn, who introduced her to other artists there. She is thrilled about what Nickel Plate Arts offers and is ecstatic to join the local artistic community!

Connect with Anita:

Work Sample

Work Sample

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