What is Nickel Plate Arts?

Art has the power to shape a place and its people. Nickel Plate Arts cultivates arts resources to enrich the lives of everyone who experiences our community. A commitment to creativity, leadership, innovation, efficiency and individual dignity guides what we do and how we do it. Nickel Plate Arts serves eastern Hamilton County, from Fishers to Atlanta. To carry out our mission and spirit of collaboration, we also engage with neighboring cities and towns.


Art lovers, DIY dabblers, serious patrons and accidental passersby find reasons to return to our historic campus. Why, you ask?


Raising up artists is part of our mission. If you’re an artist, we can help support you, too. Curious to know how we do it?


Bringing like-minded arts organizations to the same creative table makes us all stronger. Can we offer you a seat?


Art transforms places. Our corporate sponsors are forward thinkers, making a real difference in their communities. Ready to join them?

April 21st-24th

  • Tina Mangos & Associates design and deliver arts-based programs to enhance daily life and productivity.  For ov...

  • Krista became aware of her passion for art at the age of 5. Her first teacher taught her to draw and she spent countless...

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  • As a long time member of Hamilton Co. Artists Association, Robert became aware of Nickel Plate Arts since it began. He e...

  • Welcome to Fairyville 2021 offers participants a whimsical way to celebrate Earth Week with a nature-themed, self-guided...

“Art is not so much expressing oneself, as it is discovering oneself.”

– Anawanitia –