A Virtual Home for Nickel Plate Arts’ Exhibits

Since you don’t always have the ability to get to Nickel Plate Arts gallery locations physically, we thought we’d bring our current works on display to you!

Looking for the Noblesville School’s Young Artist Exhibit? Click here!

Judge Stone House Gallery

March 5–April 24 Exhibit: Child’s Play

Celebrate your inner child with us this month as we explore the fresh, innovative energy of youth! Enjoy our in-person exhibit in March and April, and don’t miss our online exhibit of art by Noblesville Elementary students! Artful creations are from children and children-at-heart.

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Stephenson House Gallery

April Showcase: Bruce Loewenthal, “Let’s Talk About Roundabouts”

Bruce Loewenthals’s April showcase, “Let’s Talk About Roundabouts,” invites you to consider new ideas when it comes to public art in roundabouts. Grab a viewfinder and experience tunnel vision as you view his conceptual models. Plus, Loewenthal wants to hear from you – grab a pencil and jot down your thoughts, questions, or answers to his questions on one of the many rounds placed around the gallery.

See Loewenthal’s exhibit in person at the Stephenson House April 2-24 during regular business hours, or meet him in-person at his gallery reception on Friday, April 9th from 3pm-6pm. You’ll need to sign up in advance right here.

Click here to read more about Loewenthal’s April showcase.

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Meyer Najem Gallery

Meyer Najem Showcase: Bobbi K. Samples, “Come on Spring! Indiana Wildflowers!”

From April through June, Bobbi’s collection will be showcased in the Meyer Najem Gallery located on the second floor at 11787 Lantern Road in Fishers, Indiana. The exhibit is called “Come on Spring! Indiana Wildflowers!” and is just that – an exhibition of her amazingly colorful, vibrant, large scale florals with special additional touches.

“I feel this show is something bright, and many of the works are new in 2021 or painted during 2020. I hope people see the beauty in nature and my interpretation of the extraordinary beauty and color in God’s handiwork.”

A reception will be held on Saturday, June 5th from 6pm-7:30pm at Meyer Najem on the 2nd floor. 

Click here to read more about Bobbi’s exhibit.

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Hub & Spoke Gallery

Hub & Spoke Showcase: “Neighbors” 

From April 9 through June 24, Craig Mullins and Sherry Haines exhibit, “Neighbors,” will be showcased in the Hub & Spoke Design Center’s Nickel Plate Arts Gallery located on the first floor at 8100 E. 106th in Fishers, Indiana. A reception hosted by High Frequency Arts, held at Hub & Spoke, will be on Friday, June 18th from 5pm-9pm. Register by clicking here.

Click here to read more about Craig & Sherry’s exhibit.
To purchase Craig and Sherry’s works from this exhibit, contact High Frequency Arts.

Four Day Ray Gallery

Four Day Ray Showcase: Sharon Jiskra Brooks, “Observations”

From April through June, Sharon’s collection will be showcased on both floors of dining areas at Four Day Ray Brewing located at 11671 Lantern Road in Fishers, Indiana. Her exhibit is called “Observations.” Sharing this exhibit at Four Day Ray is Sharon’s way of helping people reflect on, relate to, and bring the outdoors in again. “Think about where you’ve been over the past year and don’t forget what nature can bring you. Take the steps back and observe what is right there in front of us and what it can do for you. Just sitting outside and looking at a flower can be the most healing thing you can find.”

A reception will be held on Tuesday, May 4th from 5pm-7:30pm in the brewery at Four Day Ray Brewing. 

Click here to read more about Sharon’s exhibit.
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