Teen Art Classes in Atlanta

Teen Art Classes in Atlanta

165 E. Main Street, Atlanta, IN 46031

From 6:30 p.m. until 7:30 p.m.

At Mr. Muffin’s Trains

165 E. Main Street, Atlanta, IN 46031

$30 per class (Ages 12-17), includes supplies and artist instruction

Kavita Mahoney / ksingh@nickelplatearts.org

Join local artist and art teacher, Sarah Albert of The Dwelling Place Art Studio, for one-hour pop-up Teen Art Classes on June 22nd & June 29th. 

Sarah will provide all of the supplies and instruction for creative art projects designed specifically for 12-17 year-olds. Students will complete projects with a concentration on drawing & painting. Register by Email: SarahAlbert.Art@gmail.com or call 765-480-1033.

Meet Your Art Teacher
Hi there! My name is Sarah Albert and I have had the privilege to teach art to thousands of students over the past 15 years within G6nRi3IyQ4eedyIsXdsm_Headshotthe public school setting, at the Indianapolis Art Center, and as founder of The Dwelling Place Art Studio. I have a Master's Degree in Art Education, and I enjoy oil painting & drawing as a professional artist in my free time. I am blessed to be a wife and mommy to two little ones, with another baby due in July. My passion is helping students explore the world of art around them, while awakening the artist inside each of them!

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