One For The Foxes – Concert

One For The Foxes – Concert


1274 Logan St., Noblesville, IN 46060

At Logan Street Sanctuary, Inc.

1274 Logan St., Noblesville, IN 46060

$20, Students $10

An exciting & dynamic new transatlantic trio consisting of
Dave Curley (Galway, Ireland),
Tadhg Ó Meachair (Dublin, Ireland) &
Joanna Hyde (Denver, CO, USA),
presenting a tasteful blend of Irish, American and other folk music from around the world.

One For The Foxes perform a rousing blend of Irish and American folk music, with Dave Curley (Galway, Ireland) on vocals, guitars, banjo, and mandolin, Tadhg Ó Meachair (Dublin, Ireland) on piano and piano accordion,  and Joanna Hyde (Denver, CO, USA) on vocals and fiddle. They are an exciting & dynamic new transatlantic trio, presenting Irish, American, and other folk musics from around the world.

One For The Foxes is an exciting and dynamic transatlantic trio that have already won over audiences on both sides of the ocean. The group is made up of Dublin's Tadhg Ó Meachair (Goitse), Galway's Dave Curley (SLIDE) and Denver, Colorado's Joanna Hyde (The Hydes), and features a mix of Irish and American folk music and song – both traditional and newly-composed – presented in an energetic and engaging manner. Their performances strike a tasteful balance between the stories found in ballads across both sides of the Atlantic and the respective instrumental music traditions of these places. Award-winning instrumentalists each in their own right, Dave, Tadhg, & Joanna take a unique twist on the diverse strengths of their individual backgrounds, weaving between traditional melodies, their own compositions, and songs from the broader folk canon. The results are highly personalized, thrilling in their daring, and forthright in their grasp of their material. Through a shared deep-rooted passion for Irish traditional music, this trio highlights the vital role of Irish traditional music as an origin of many American folk musics, and explores how those styles can interact with one another in a manner both eclectic and grounded. Having collaborated on the recently-released One for the Foxes CD, this trio looks ahead excitedly to its upcoming 2018 US tours.

Check out One For The Foxes here:

YouTube: (Track name: One for the Foxes Full details: Her Long Dark Hair J. Crehan, arr. Tadhg, Joanna, Dave; One for the Foxes T. Ó Meachair/J. Hyde)

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