Noblesville Visitor’s Center Art Exhibit: Kevin Hughey

Noblesville Visitor’s Center Art Exhibit: Kevin Hughey


839 Conner St., Noblesville, IN 46060

From Fri.-Sat. 12-5 p.m.

At Noblesville Visitor's Center

839 Conner St., Noblesville, IN 46060


Kristi Rowe

HCAA is sponsoring monthly exhibits of selected member's work to be on display at the Noblesville Visitors Center. Kevin Hughey is the featured artist for July.

Notes from Kevin ...

I've always made things. I've always thought it was important to make things. It's one of the ways I enter into and participate in the world. Relationships are forged, moments are experienced, art is made.

Photography, the dark room in particular, was my first date with my sweetheart. Our second was at a gig...I'm also a drummer and percussionist and have built drums with fellow musicians in the backyard. I've done woodworking with my Dad, thrown pottery in the greenhouse, built sculptures with classmates, made masks with students, learned to bake bread from a weaver. Make things.

I've had the good fortune to see some great art around the world, especially paintings. Inspired by art history and encouraged by friends and family, I went back to painting a few years ago.

I'm currently a decorative painter, flower blooms in particular. So many varieties, shapes and colors. I wanted to study flowers and hone my chops, then, create a Series. I think in a Series, the blooms provide a special impact in a room, whether a personal space like one's living room or a public lobby or office space. It was also fun to create a series of flower blooms in wood.

Then I moved on to groups of flowers, a more complex task, and am pivoting towards abstracts, my next step. I was honored to win the SALI XII National Abstract GPAC Choice Award and hope to carry forward with this endeavor.

Though I may have a bit of angst while creating, my work is always intended to offer a bit of joy, an interesting shape, or a friendly pop of color to the viewer.

I earned a B. S. in Art Education at Ball State University. I used my teaching skills, when living in Hawaii, at Nanaikapono Elementary where I taught art to 4th, 5th, and 6th graders in the only classroom on the beach! I've continued to study art at Herron School of Art, The Art Center, and with fellow artists where we can share tips, techniques, and critiques.

By trade, I am the proprietor of Affordable Custom Picture Framing, a local small business offering affordable prices, quick turnaround and quality work since 1981. For more on Kevin visit

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