What is Nickel Plate Arts?

Art can shape communities to make them stronger and more vibrant. Nickel Plate Arts supports, promotes and provides outstanding arts experiences along the 30-mile historic Nickel Plate Railroad in Fishers, Noblesville, Cicero, Arcadia, Atlanta and Tipton.

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Art lovers, DIY dabblers, serious patrons and accidental passersby find reasons to return to our historic campus. Why, you ask?

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Raising up artists is part of our mission. If you’re an artist, we can help support you, too. Curious to know how we do it?

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Bringing like-minded arts organizations to the same creative table makes us all stronger. Can we offer you a seat?



Art has the power to transform a place. Our donors and corporate sponsors make a real difference in their communities. Ready to join them?

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Nickel Plate Arts Festival

All Summer-long! June-August 2016

Covering 1 summer, 6 towns and a whole lotta art, the 4th Annual Nickel Plate Arts Festival is an organized push to encourage people to explore the arts in their own backyards. The multi-venue celebration holds up artists and arts experiences in the six towns along the Nickel Plate Railroad: Fishers, Noblesville, Cicero, Arcadia, Atlanta and Tipton.


“Art is not so much expressing oneself, as it is discovering oneself.”

– Anawanitia –